Do You Have A Daily Routine For Good Health

Most would say that they do have a daily routine for good health. We know though that answer is subjective and varies from person to person. It depends on age, current state of health and whether they have ever been given a reason to consider the question. Factors that might cause someone to consider the question:

  • Age
  • Do they currently consider themselves healthy?
  • Is there a weight challenge involved?
  • Can the person afford the food they consider healthy?
  • Is the person currently on medication?
  • Does the person workout or exercise regularly?
  • Does employment Impose weight and or health requirements?
  • Do we snack on a lot of junk food?

Whether we eat breakfast or not, what we choose to eat may depend on the type of work we do. It may also depend on whether we usually eat lunch or not. No matter the meals we eat healthy food is the important thing to keep in mind.

There is very little argument as to whether we feel great, just OK, or we feel sick. It’s the in between feelings that many of us live within. Some of us work out at the local gym, at home or we run all to get that exercise and have the right to believe we’re healthier as a result.

Some of take dally supplements like vitamins, minerals, herbs to augment our daily food intake. Some of these supplements are synthetic leading many to question whether or not these additives are helpful or harmful to the body. Never the less it’s all done in the name of good health.

Many make their yearly visit to the doctors office to get a physical and hopefully to be told they are healthy. Realistically though, some are given news they would rather not hear, like a negative finding of some sort.

There are many persons who have died from illnesses who I’m sure would have given up all their wealth just to get another bite of the apple called life. So there is absolutely no question life is first and most important. Wealth and all the other add-ons are secondary.

Does your daily routine follow the recommended foods (the infamous food pyramid) or, are you aware of the latest recommended facts about which foods are healthy and which ones are not so much.

The latest research has uncovered some startling information which is in stark contrast to what we were previously told about what we should be consuming and which foods we should avoid entirely and which foods we should reduce drastically.

I’ll list a few items we should be concerned about:

Gluten –  Gluten(from Latin gluten, “glue”) is a protein complex that is found in 75 to 80 percent of foods we consume. It’s customarily found in cereal grains, especially wheat. but also found in things you might not realize. For Instance, Beer, most spirits, and even in some medicines. What we are most often told is gluten is most associated with Celiac Disease. The truth is, gluten on some level is now associated with many conditions recently discovered ,

MSG – Monosodium glutamate is the sodium salt of glutamic acid. It happens to be in just about everything, including processed food, restaurant food, and also in many store bought spices that go into your home cooked food. It’s difficult to avoid because it goes by so many names, some of which are not even required to be on product package labeling.

Sugar – Addicted from birth as we all were, sugar is added to too many things to list,  but rest assured if it has flavor you can assume sugar is in it. Many doctors admit that sugar has the same affect on the brain as cocaine. That’s why the addiction is so difficult to kick.

Water –  It’s been known for some time that tap water is not considered safe by most people who are acquainted with the facts about water. It is impossible even under the strictest of conditions to eliminate all the bad things in tap water. So reverse osmosis or distilled water are much safer choices.

Antibiotics – Recent revelations informs us of the longer term effects of antibiotics to the gut, liver and kidneys. Many chronic conditions seemingly not associated with antibiotics are emerging.

SSRIs – selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors are the most commonly prescribed antidepressants. They are said to ease symptoms of moderate to severe depression, and are said to be relatively safe and typically cause fewer side effects than other types of antidepressants do. A body free of all chemicals will be healthier for the long term, with drastically fewer chronic health conditions.

OTC Medications –  Over The Counter Medications are used for many ailments. Extreme caution should be exercised when consuming over the counter medications Especially when combining OTC medications.

It should be noted that all prescribed and OTC medications have side effects associated with their use. So understanding the possible interplay between various drugs could help you avoid many onset chronic conditions.

So having a daily routine for a healthy life involves knowing what supports health and which foods and medicines we should avoid.

With the health issues broadly covered, let’s talk about the business of building real wealth. Wealth that is acquired the correct way is accompanied with the proper mindset. A mindset that is concerned with helping others, with wealth being the result or side effect. There is a spiritual aspect to having wealth that many do not recognize or understand.

Even for those who don’t buy in to the spiritual part do understand that using many of the principles, can yield a measure of results. Perhaps they were taught prosperity attraction principles without fully getting the deeper meaning behind those principles.

That brings me to one of the best ways I can think of .to create wealth where many of the wealth principles are a integral part of the training but not getting too technical.

People who digest and implement these principles most often meet with much success, not only in making more money but, in anything they attempt to do in life. No further proof needed of the efficacy of the universe’s laws when observed than with success..

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How To Get Wealth And Keep It

How to get wealth and keep it is the subject of a lot of opinions and conjecture. There is more than one path to wealth. What we’ll discuss here are the elements that need to be employed to make it happen. What most people don’t know is that wealth is more than money, although money does play a role as a motivator and financial solution.

The fact that you want to know how wealth is created suggest that you are not currently wealthy. Also, If you were ever wealthy, chances are you would have some idea of how to get wealth again.

So with that understood, there are things associated with wealth that might not be immediately obvious. For one thing, there is a required change in thinking that would condition an individual mentally to be able to appropriately handle the coming change in status. Secondly, good health is necessary to enjoy whatever wealth you might accumulate.

Being wealthy only in cash is not a very good idea or strategic plan. The reality is that diversification of wealth into many different forms is crucial because of the uncertainty in the economy and in the world in general.

Some people have holdings in land, buildings, gold, silver, bitcoin in this country as well as other countries. In fact when it comes to currencies, it would not be unusual to have some positions in the dollar and some in the euro as a well as other currencies as a hedge against asset depletion.

As a part of a well diversified portfolio many choose to have a healthy share of income producing holdings, such as stocks, bonds, commodities and of course rental property.

As part of your change in thinking, you have to realize that wealthy people have a lot of specialists around them that posses skills that they don’t have. That is necessary because of the increased complexity that comes with being wealthy.

Also legal representation of all types are required to deal with many of the potentially complex matters. When you have a lot of money, it costs money to maintain your status.

And of course tax professionals would certainly be required to ensure what you pay is at the minimum possible.

And finally, you will need some training and coaching to prepare you for your new life. If you don’t think preparation is important, just consider the stories of some lottery winners who won millions of dollars and not even 2 years later they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. How does that happen? Lack of preparation.

Members of your family household will also need to be trained and coached, for they would certainly be in new territory. The world of wealth is a new world that is vastly different than the one you inhabit today.

One final caution – Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. It’s the truth so can you handle the truth.

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Have You Been Programmed For Success Or Failure

That might seem like a strange question for some but,ask yourself, “have you been programmed for success or failure“. When you focus intently on the question and pass it off to your thinking faculties, sometimes the answer will surprise you. You see, we all have been programmed, we just don’t realize it. School didn’t teach it and our parents didn’t know.

It all started in the beginning at the moment of conception. Both your father and your mother contributed to who you are. There was nothing intentional here necessarily but part of the natural process of development. Hence whatever your parents contributed, you received.

It’s also important to realize that your parents are the recipients of generations of programming themselves.

Now once you arrived, you found yourself in an environment that you quickly began to adapt to. At this point you have no choice about anything, but you learn as best you can to survive in our new surroundings. You pick up on queues from the environment and combine that with what you were given from our parents.

Ask anyone if they want to become successful, and the answer will most likely be yes. So why are so many people coming up short. Are they being untruthful about their wishes? I don’t think so. But there is something defeating them and most people have no idea of what that is.

Knowing what drives or controls behavior is critical to understand. I’d like to touch on a few examples of failure:

New Years Resolution – Most of us make them but hardly any of us keep them. There is always the outer story attempting to explain the failure.

I’m gonna loose 50 pounds this year – You know if you are 50 pounds over weight, you are a candidate for disease, so your initial intentions are admirable but the result is failure.

I’m going back to school so I can make more money – You look around and notice how the employment landscape has changed over the last few years and begin to have doubts about realistically achieving your goal.

I’m Gonna Start a Business – Even though you want to do just what you said, all the potential obstacles begin to emerge. Even those close to you start raising doubts in your mind with the “how will you

I’m going to quit smoking this year – The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you’ve said that same thing over the last 4 years. Somehow though, it will be different this time. You know the health risks and the expense involved. Still something seems to be working against you.

I presented the examples above to show that although you may have good intentions, something is sabotaging your efforts. Most people usually point the finger at external sources. Some are even reflective. They look in the mirror and accuse themselves of being too weak or not having what it takes.

What they don’t know or understand is the cause of this situation. They know there is an enemy, they just don’t know who or what it is, or where it comes from.

I once worked with a business consultant who told me – If you want to change a situation even imposed by others, you have to take responsibility for the problem to be able to remedy it. Well what he didn’t tell me was that I consciously or unconsciously was really responsible for my situation. In other words the problem was coming from within.

We only have one mind so where it the conflict? Actually, the conflict is between your conscious and your subconscious. This might sound counter intuitive but it is real.

Your conscious mind is where you do your real time thinking. It’s connected to your five senses. You’re free to think anything you want as long as your subconscious agrees with your conclusion. So when you have doubts about a matter, those doubts most likely comes from your subconscious. How can that be, you ask.

Your subconscious mind first of all is a collection habits which make up your paradigm. What’s roaming around in your paradigm goes all the way back to who knows where. Your subconscious accepts whatever it is given (programmed). Also your subconscious does not and cannot evaluate information given to it. It can only call up what’s there.

To become successful you have to reset your subconscious mind so that it is in harmony with your goals and aspirations. You have to change you from the inside and that’s replacing the doubt, anxiety and negative thoughts with positive ones

When it comes to reprogramming the subconscious/paradigm there is a old axiom – Learn, unlearn and relearn.

If it’s true, and I believe that it is, Everything you are and everything you want is already in you. Some adjustment may be required and it’s in your paradigm

Here is a video that can enlighten you on the subject of paradigms and the role they play in your success and failure

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