How To Make Money Online Marketing

Learn online marketingMore and more people have the awareness that thousands and in some cases millions of dollars are earned yearly online. So the natural question is “How to make money online marketing”. First, lets examine a little closer what online marketing is and it’s many incarnations.

Online marketing – is a discipline and a practice used for promoting products and services through the internet. Online marketing includes a broader range of marketing elements than traditional business marketing. Today however, we see more traditional businesses employing online marketing techniques to enhance and sustain their business model

In fact, You can go online and order pizza, Chinese food, Mexican food, just to name a few. Just about everyone who sells can also do it online. Actually, the number of things you can buy online boggles the mind. That however is good for the marketer.

Here are some of the more popular forms of online marketing:

Pay Per Click (PPC) – When a company or individual want to attract attention to a product of service that they want to market, this method is used by some. Although this method has a cost associated with it, companies as well as individual marketers often use PPC

Email – An efficient way to not only get new customers, but keep in touch with the current customer base. Of course building an email list is essential. There are strategies employed that encourages visitors to opt-in and join your list.

Video Marketing – very popular and lucrative. Just go to YouTube and try to avoid any advertisements, you cant. These merchants and their affiliates are reaching out over the most used resource on the Internet. You might not pay that much attention, that is until something you’re interested in  pops up in an AD. Today you have full blown infomercials running on YouTube

Blogging – Blogs are a very effective way to chronicle the advantages and attributes of a product or service. Even most who have websites also have blogs because of the social aspect of the Internet. There are millions of blogs at work showing wares and making sales. Blogs can be easily tied to and interactive with Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus just to name a few.

Social Media – The best branding mechanism out there is the use of all the social media interaction going on today on the Internet. As mentioned above more that 15 minutes of fame is in the offering through blogs and the social media phenomenon. Literally anyone who chooses to can carve out a lifetime of real time income and residual income.

Network Marketing – Members of network marketing organizations have realized that they have only so many friends, and using the Internet to:

  • Build relationships – If the number you know is limited, the Internet just introduced you to the world. A huge portion of people can learn who you are and what’s on your mind
  • Discover Leads – Building leads is done more efficiently online. When you strike interest, you have a contact lead
  • Expand their reach beyond the place where they live – Where you live gives you access to some of the people you engage personally, online on the other hand your reach can extend across the globe.
  • Stimulate interest in what they are offering – Your main objective is to create interest in what you have to present. Do that and you will build steadily, all beginning with a well written proposition
  • Have their message going out 24/7 – The beauty here is that locally and personally you only have at max 12 hours a day. Online you have a 24/7 thing happening that can explode your business.

Affiliate Marketing – This is the one that started it all and continues to enjoy being at the top of the food chain. There are millions of online marketers pitching products of every kind to enjoy the commission generated from sales. I believe the thing that stands out the most about affiliate marketing is the 2 types of residual income that can be generated from this type of marketing.

  • Residual income from products, services and subscriptions that repeat on a monthly basis
  • Residual Income from recurring sales generated by a very website or blog with engaging content

In the way of a reminder, residual income is the income generated whether you got out of bed this morning or not. But when you’re having this much fun, why not get up and make some more money.

How to become an expert in Online Marketing

You have to be trained by experts who have been there and been successful. These experts also have an appreciation of what you as a student of this game might be grappling with. They must have considered there are some with no experience as well as some with no knowledge at all. These experts must have a system and systematic approach to making learning easy.

Their pricing structure has to be affordable enough that even the person with no money can at least get started. How does FREE sound.

There has to be a network of thousands having all skill levels willing to help members wanting to learn.

There must an upgrade path enabling members to become more sophisticated about this skill they should develop.

What Should You Take Away From This?

  • Anyone wanting to learn the skills that enables them to become an expert in their area of online marketing, or several areas can do so with the right training.
  • You need to align yourself with an industry leader who has the environment, training, support, price structure, and encouragement to help you reach your online goals.

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  1. I like the idea of having fun and earning money at the same time as a lot of people don’t enjoy their present jobs but feel they have to stay until retirement. As a retired gentlemen myself I still like to keep busy and the fact that I can make money at the same time is very appealing to me.

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