How To Create A Make Money Online Business

This article will focus on exactly how to create a make money online business. First let me point out that making money online has come a long way from where it was in the early 2000s. It’s not a get rich quick scheme however, many are getting rich. Their results come down to strategy, knowledge, commitment and resilience . It’s like any other successful endeavor, you have to pay your dues. That said, I’ll tell you what those dues are.

  • Strategy – Developing a strategy can be devised partly on desires, experience, and what you believe is actually possible and achievable. You need some knowledge of the online business universe and it’s various opportunities. Here I will highlight the major ones, but you should understand that there are many others, some of which you might invent.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Where you sign up as an affiliate and promote products and earn a commission for each sale you direct to that vendor. There are literally thousands of affiliate marketing opportunities available online. In fact, more and more are coming online daily, as Brick and Mortar businesses recognize the benefit of utilizing affiliate marketing channels to boost their sales.


  • Commitment – As was stated earlier, this is no get rich quick scheme so it’s of paramount importance to stay committed to your goal of becoming successful as an online marketer. This means being willing to work hard at learning, implementing, and deploying your strategy. You have to plan your work and work your plan.


  • Resilience – It’s important to remain flexible as you can only affect situations where you have direct control. Expect challenges because they will certainly come. It can be confidence building to overcome obstacles while getting stronger as you continue to progress.


  • Knowledge – The cornerstone of any business is the knowledge of how to get things done. You acquire this knowledge for a lifetime which makes you truly independent. It also provides something that you can pass on to others. Knowledge and action is what turn dreams into a reality. Wealthy Affiliate plays a giant role here in providing the training, insight, community and direction to prepare anyone for the big league.

Getting Clear How It Works – It can seem daunting for some who may know nothing or just a little about what is required to create  an online business

Creating a Website – The website is the vehicle used to deliver traffic to you and also serve as the receptacle to all inquiries that it has stimulated. It’s also a contact point of communications via email phone and  comments.

Your online business needs a permanent address where it can be reached. This is done through a domain name affixed to your online business. ex;

Your online business needs a place for that domain name to live and the resource space for your website and all required information can be stored.

Your website will need communication bandwidth (a big data pipe) to support all electronic interaction with the public.

Your website infrastructure also needs security, backup capability and SEO capability to maximize your site’s presence on the internet. If all this frightens you, don’t let it. With Wealthy Affiliate, you will have everything you need. Here is a little preview of starting on online business just to give you a taste.

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How To Get Wealth And Keep It

How to get wealth and keep it is the subject of a lot of opinions and conjecture. There is more than one path to wealth. What we’ll discuss here are the elements that need to be employed to make it happen. What most people don’t know is that wealth is more than money, although money does play a role as a motivator and financial solution.

The fact that you want to know how wealth is created suggest that you are not currently wealthy. Also, If you were ever wealthy, chances are you would have some idea of how to get wealth again.

So with that understood, there are things associated with wealth that might not be immediately obvious. For one thing, there is a required change in thinking that would condition an individual mentally to be able to appropriately handle the coming change in status. Secondly, good health is necessary to enjoy whatever wealth you might accumulate.

Being wealthy only in cash is not a very good idea or strategic plan. The reality is that diversification of wealth into many different forms is crucial because of the uncertainty in the economy and in the world in general.

Some people have holdings in land, buildings, gold, silver, bitcoin in this country as well as other countries. In fact when it comes to currencies, it would not be unusual to have some positions in the dollar and some in the euro as a well as other currencies as a hedge against asset depletion.

As a part of a well diversified portfolio many choose to have a healthy share of income producing holdings, such as stocks, bonds, commodities and of course rental property.

As part of your change in thinking, you have to realize that wealthy people have a lot of specialists around them that posses skills that they don’t have. That is necessary because of the increased complexity that comes with being wealthy.

Also legal representation of all types are required to deal with many of the potentially complex matters. When you have a lot of money, it costs money to maintain your status.

And of course tax professionals would certainly be required to ensure what you pay is at the minimum possible.

And finally, you will need some training and coaching to prepare you for your new life. If you don’t think preparation is important, just consider the stories of some lottery winners who won millions of dollars and not even 2 years later they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. How does that happen? Lack of preparation.

Members of your family household will also need to be trained and coached, for they would certainly be in new territory. The world of wealth is a new world that is vastly different than the one you inhabit today.

One final caution – Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. It’s the truth so can you handle the truth.

Now I would like to talk about a way that I know of where you could create wealth. That is in online marketing. There are hundreds of online marketers that are making 5, 6, and 7 figures online. If this sounds appealing to you then you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. They have the training , infrastructure, network, and community to assist anyone with the “more money itch” .

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Membership Options

As an affiliate marketer you not only present items from companies like Amazon and others to buy, but you probably buy online yourself. You may be an Amazon customer. This article is about Amazon Prime Membership Cost and if you think it is worth it.

When examining cost there are a number of considerations to take into account.

2 day shipping

When I first signed up for Prime in the mid 2000s, the 2 day shipping was what got my attention. It seemed link this was the first setting of standards for shipping that I had come across. Everybody else wanted to gouge you for exorbitant fees for getting your order to you in a timely manner

most items you want are in stock

FREE Two-Day Shipping on over 50 million items which are mostly in stock either directly from Amazon or one of it’s many suppliers

Free television and movie programming available

With your annual membership you are able to watch thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video

Video on Demand.

Amazon Video is an Internet video on demand service that is developed, owned, and operated by Amazon.

 FREE Two-Day Shipping

Free shipping that covers over 50 million items. This is unprecedented by a major retailer even to this day.

Some limit their online activity

some online buyers limit their shopping to companies they perceive as keeping their data secure. As far as we know Amazon sits atop the list of retailers in that regard. Many especially like the “one Click Purchase” option. Some believe that the fewest occurrences of your credit card, the more secure you are.

Established Brand

Many recognize Amazon as an established brand and the level of trust built up over the years as one of the world’s premier retailers

Free Electronic Books

Some take advantage of the free electronic books offered periodically with the membership. Actually you can preview any electronic in Amazon’s stock.

No Hassle Returns

On rare occasions where a return is required, most people appreciate Amazon’s no hassle approach

Cloud Photo Storage

Many have come to appreciate Amazon’s unlimited photo storage. For those into photos this is a great service

Kindle e-books

Kindle e-books for which there are thousands and growing is the most popular way to consume books, especially while doing other activities

Borrow Kindle Books

Prime members can borrow books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Stream songs and playlists

With prime, subscribers can stream millions of songs and thousands of playlists, simplifying the process of music management

Well for $99 dollars a year, all benefits considered, I’m glad I am a member and now you know the goodies you might consider subscribing too.

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Millionaire Mindset

When I use that phrase “Millionaire Mindset” one might assume that I’m speaking of people who have the goal of becoming a millionaire. I’m speaking not only about them but also anyone trying to achieve monetary success whether it be $300 a month or $10,000 a month (a millionaire). The way in which you go about achieving the goal is essentially the same. There are individuals online making $300 a day, also there are some making $1000 or more a day.


What is your current conditioning

Conditioning makes a difference as it reflects the internal programming (paradigm) that animates our thought process and ultimately, our behavior. Many have made many attempts to succeed and met with failure without ever understanding why or examining themselves from within. We are well aware of our five senses, so we use them as the basis for decision making.

On the whole however, only a precious few ever realize that our paradigm (sub-conscious mind) when not in sync with our conscious thinking can sabotage our efforts and never reveal what really happened. So our paradigm acts as a script that will ultimately be followed. We have to realize that we have to replace destructive information coming from our sub-conscious (paradigm) with new and positive information that is aligned with our conscious thoughts.

There are not different scripts for different amounts that can be earned. There is only one script that everyone uses to a more or less degree.  The secret ingredient is the knowledge and application of sound business building principles anchored in your sub-conscious. These principles by the way are a subset of the principles of the universe, which governs everything and is ready to come to our aid, as long as we do not violate it’s principles.


Whenever we align our thoughts conscious and sub-conscious, we are aligned with the universe and ready to receive that which we are seeking. Without getting too deep let me just say that results come from our sub-conscious, that’s why it has to fully support our thoughts.

Having said that we need plans that are in complete agreement with our total being to be successful and that means digesting our thoughts and dreams into our paradigm. Changing your financial situation in essence means changing you.

A well thought out plan is a great start and provides a pathway. Your plan may change at some point but you can always know how and why you got to where you are. Here are just a few things to consider including in your plan:

  • How much money do you want to make (Be Specific)
  • When will this goal be achieved? (This can be flexible)
  • Why do you want to make this money? (This will serve to drive you and provide consistent focus)
  • How much time are you willing to spend to make it happen? (effort is directly proportional to results)
  • Your big WHY is the catalyst

Answering these questions provide clarity and enforces a measure of discipline which can and will accrue to your benefit in the long run. Now contrast that to someone who thinks to himself or herself that they just want to become successful online and make some money. You can see that there has been no mental structure put in place to provide guidance. Essentially their thinking is all over the place and possibly chaotic. So if things don’t go as you thought, you could be easily discouraged.

While there is no get rich quick going on here, persistence will certainly pay off in a big way.

I am absolutely convinced that the Wealthy Affiliate product is the finest and most complete offering of it’s type on the internet. At the end of the day It’s a set of capabilities that moves many of the previous obstacles out of your way, freeing you to focus on just learning and creating high quality websites that rank and bring in traffic and make you money. The only thing you have to add is the Millionaire Mindset.

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