How To Get Wealth And Keep It

How to get wealth and keep it is the subject of a lot of opinions and conjecture. There is more than one path to wealth. What we’ll discuss here are the elements that need to be employed to make it happen. What most people don’t know is that wealth is more than money, although money does play a role as a motivator and financial solution.

The fact that you want to know how wealth is created suggest that you are not currently wealthy. Also, If you were ever wealthy, chances are you would have some idea of how to get wealth again.

So with that understood, there are things associated with wealth that might not be immediately obvious. For one thing, there is a required change in thinking that would condition an individual mentally to be able to appropriately handle the coming change in status. Secondly, good health is necessary to enjoy whatever wealth you might accumulate.

Being wealthy only in cash is not a very good idea or strategic plan. The reality is that diversification of wealth into many different forms is crucial because of the uncertainty in the economy and in the world in general.

Some people have holdings in land, buildings, gold, silver, bitcoin in this country as well as other countries. In fact when it comes to currencies, it would not be unusual to have some positions in the dollar and some in the euro as a well as other currencies as a hedge against asset depletion.

As a part of a well diversified portfolio many choose to have a healthy share of income producing holdings, such as stocks, bonds, commodities and of course rental property.

As part of your change in thinking, you have to realize that wealthy people have a lot of specialists around them that posses skills that they don’t have. That is necessary because of the increased complexity that comes with being wealthy.

Also legal representation of all types are required to deal with many of the potentially complex matters. When you have a lot of money, it costs money to maintain your status.

And of course tax professionals would certainly be required to ensure what you pay is at the minimum possible.

And finally, you will need some training and coaching to prepare you for your new life. If you don’t think preparation is important, just consider the stories of some lottery winners who won millions of dollars and not even 2 years later they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. How does that happen? Lack of preparation.

Members of your family household will also need to be trained and coached, for they would certainly be in new territory. The world of wealth is a new world that is vastly different than the one you inhabit today.

One final caution – Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. It’s the truth so can you handle the truth.

Now I would like to talk about a way that I know of where you could create wealth. That is in online marketing. There are hundreds of online marketers that are making 5, 6, and 7 figures online. If this sounds appealing to you then you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. They have the training , infrastructure, network, and community to assist anyone with the “more money itch” .

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When Does A 60K Good Salary Equal 36K


Most would answer that at no time, because a 60K good salary is equal 60k, Right!, well not exactly. In fact, when you work a 9 to 5 it’s surprising how little you get to keep.

When I was making 60k a year, I was jubilant. I thought I had arrived into the middle class. What I found out however was that my celebration was over rated by about 24k per year.Try this, whatever your stated salary is per week or month or by-weekly, divide that amount accordingly and subtract your various deductions. Now check your take home pay and you’ll see what I mean.

It does not matter your income level, the situation is the same. Now when you tack on the other incidental costs associated with a job such as your car,gas and maintenance, your spendable money is further diminished before you even pay the first bill, buy any groceries, pay your gas and or electric bill, and most of all the mortgage.

The thing that concerns most people about their job is will they continue to have it. When it comes to employment there are no guarantees. That forces most people to keep their heads down and keep working and not complain.

That does not mean that you don’t think about your situation every day. So what can you do? You’re locked in but glad to be working. I guess that’s bitter sweet to the extreme.

Now contrast that to an entrepreneur, one who opts for the ability to not be constrained by many of the mandates imposed by a job such as:

  • When to report to work
  • When to eat lunch
  • How long you can take for lunch
  • When to take a break and how long
  • when you can take off from work
  • When you can go on vacation (if you can afford it)

These are just some restrictions that come to mind, however I’m sure you can come up with more that are unique to your job. But let’s get to the main issue with not only your job, but just about every job you can think of.

How Much Can You Make

By their very nature jobs come with a ceiling on earnings. That means if you need to make more money, you can change jobs (LOL), or you can get a second job to supplement your income. Changing jobs today especially jobs with good pay and benefits can be difficult.

That second job can take away from time with your family and burn up your energy and the reward will only produce about half of what you’re paid.

So what’s a person to do?

Consider a different type of income.

  • A type of income that puts no ceiling on what you can earn.
  • A type of income that can come from multiple places.
  • A type of income that you can’t get fired from.
  • A type of income where you have complete control of your time.

I’m referring of course to online marketing. This type of income earning has been around since the early 2000s and has ballooned to unprecedented heights in recent years. Every year has brought impressive growth. For you that means opportunity.

The Internet right now is said to be 6% of the economy.

A report dated Feb 10, 2017 – “The National Retail Federation (NRF) declared that it expects total retail sales to grow 3.7-4.2% in 2017″

A quote from Digital Commerce 360 – “83% of U.S. online adults made a purchase from Amazon in 2016, and 55% used Amazon as a research resource before making a purchase,” Forrester senior forecast analyst Susan Wu writes. “Forrester estimates that one-third of  (online) retail spending is made through the online pure player, suggesting that many shoppers use Amazon for web research before purchasing elsewhere.”

US Census Bureau News Reports – The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce announced today that the estimate of U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the third quarter of 2017, adjusted for seasonal variation, but not for price changes, was $115.3 billion, an increase of 3.6 percent (±0.7%) from the second quarter of 2017.

It’s important to understand that there are hundreds of thousands of retailers most of which have affiliate marketing programs. This aids the merchants because they all want affiliate marketers steering business to their sites. Also for them this type of structure is more cost efficient than traditional advertising.

Conclusion – Marketing, affiliate marketing specifically offers a rich and ever growing opportunity for those desiring to cut the cord to their present job and begin to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What About Training – There is excellent training available in an environment designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers with an entire community of students and teachers all dedicated to assist you in your journey. I use the word journey on purpose because you are going somewhere you’ve never been. The important point is you won’t be going alone.

Go With The Industry Leader

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What Is Multiple Sources Of Income

Many people ask what is multiple sources of income (MSI for short). These people probably work on a regular job. They might even have a second job. That is not what I’m referring to here however.

Why might someone have a second job – Obviously, they could not make the amount of money they require on their primary job. So what I’m going to talk about is pros and cons to having a job (that is ofcourse you are fortunate enough to have one)

The Nature of Employment has Changed

  • Jobs can no longer be considered a career
  • Many full-time jobs are now part-time
  • Job pay has become flat ang stagnant
  • Jobs are more stressful
  • Medical coverage is not there in many cases
  • Working hours are fixed, unless you work part time, in which case you might literally be on call all the time.
  • Working people pay the bulk of taxes to the IRS
  • Many travel long distances to and from work
  • Some telecommute

Those were the cons, I would list the pros but there is only one. You have a job.

The Old MSI – The old multiple sources of income centered around doing various tasks for different individuals or companies and getting paid on a per completed task basis.

The New MSI – The new multiple sources of income talked about here involves online activities that generate income from each. A single point of income failure would not disrupt your financial life.

The Internet and online marketing have blown open the doors to multiple sources of income. Most of the barriers associated with having a job disappear and are replaced with the knowledge that you can finally get appopriately compensated for your efforts. You also control when you work and how hard you work, and how much money you make.

Typical Multiple Sources of Income

Setup a Youtube channel – Youtube channels are easy to create and maintain. Video with engaging and appealing cont is what will bring in the views that will support the advertising revenue.

Setup one or more blogs – blogs/websites offer an excellent opportunity to deliver content to readers who might eventually buy the product or subscribe to the service you are promoting.

Setup multiple Affiliate Marketing Accounts – These accounts can generate huge and consistent income. Depending on the product or service the income could become residual.

Setup multiple Online Stores – Online stores are very popular and could be very lucrative, especially being promoted to a loyal email subscriber base.

Setup a Membership site – Setup up a membership site based on expertise you can offer

Setup a “How To” Site – Many are willing for knowledge of how to rather than spending time, which frees them for more productive pursuits.

Setup a Research Site or Service – There is much information online. For some, too much unless you are good at drilling down and targeting. This provides an opening for someone with the expertise. Research can pay very well for specialties.

License Your Ideas – You can license your developed methodoligies to others for a monthly, yearly, or even permanantly.

Setup a Community Market place – Community marketplaces can generate significant incomes. Communities are generally loyal to that community.

Setup a Niche based Lead Generation website or Service – Any type of online marketing is more effective if based on a niche that is low competition. You can provide low competition keywords specific to a particular niche

Write E-Books – .E-Books are very good for creating income as well as building e-mail lists.

Become a Silent Partner – Partner with others in specialties to generate Income.

These are just some of the opportunities available to create multiple sources of income. Your imagination could produce more than is listed here. The key here is the automatic nature of online marketing once a process setup and put into action, The process works 24/7.

Now that you have an idea of the power of Multiple Sources of Income, The next question is how does one qualify himself or herself to be able to learn and effectively implement MSI to our profitable benefit.

There are many solutions available to learn the required skills to create the MSI you desire. You have many choices that feature a number capabilities. The real question is how these features are packaged and do they do a complete job without any extra cost not quoted in the price. Another question is are there sufficient training, support, and community to fully complete your objective.

I would like to recommend what I consider the ultimate platform as the solution you should consider

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Knowledge Not Required

I chose to focus on the franchise to give some prospective on a huge business construct that works incredibly effective and profitable.  There are a number of them that are very well known i.e. Wedny’s, Subway,Dunkin Donuts, ect. There are also smaller ones that are not so well known.

The average McDonald’s restaurant generates $2.5 million in sales annually, making it the second-highest-grossing chain in the US by sales per unit behind Chick-fil-A, according to QSR magazine. But to open a single restaurant, the company requires that potential franchisees have liquid assets of at least $1,003,000 .

McDonald’s Franchise Requirements

What’s interesting is you really don’t have to know anything about the hamburger business, but you do require significant skills in other areas

  • Business experience – Should posses business and or managerial experience
  • Rapid growth potential – Possess the capability to grow rapidly with McDonald’s.
  • Business plan Development – develop and execute a business plan.
  • Financial Literacy – knowledge of financial management including a thorough understanding of business financial statements.
  • Good management skills – Ability and commitment to personally manage the day-to-day operations of the restaurant business.
  • Training – McDonald’s’ has in place a system for training new franchisees (you) with what you need to know to run a successful McDonald’s franchise. The potential franchisee should be willing to complete a world-class training program at Hamburger University, and to spend 9-18 months working at a local restaurant near home, to become proficient and familiar in all aspects of a McDonald’s restaurant business.
  • Excellent customer experience – Must have experience mental disposition to deal with customers
  • Good credit history – Must have acceptable credit record

As we delve a little deeper we see that

  • training for the owner is required
  • training for employees is required
  • an accountant to keep books and take care of taxes
  • Upkeep (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)
  • medical coverage for full time employees
  • managers

Ongoing Fees to McDonald’s

  • Service Fee – A monthly fee based on the restaurant’s sales performance
  • Rent – A monthly base rent or percentage rent that is a percentage of monthly sales

Success Potential

It’s easy to imagine McDonald’s as a successful business with worldwide brand recognition presenting a familiar sight anywhere you go. In fact, you are repeating a success story that has been repeated thousands of times already. You’ll notice that there was no mention of any formal or academic training.

Some of The Richest People Who Never Finished College

  • Ingvar Kamprad – IKEA
  • Leonardo Del Vecchio – Luxottica (eyewear)
  • Roman Abramovich – steel and investments
  • Savitri Jindal – inherited late husband’s steel company
  • Paul Allen – Microsoft and investments
  • Michael Dell – Dell Computer
  • Michele Ferrero – Ferrero Rocher (chocolates)
  • Lee Shau Kee – real estate
  • Liliane Bettencourt – L’Oreal
  • Li Ka-shing – real estate and various business endeavors
  • Karl Albrecht – ALDI
  • Christy Walton – Wal Mart
  • Amancio Ortega – Zara/Inditex
  • Larry Ellison – Oracle
  • Bill Gates – Microsoft
  • Steve Jobs – Apple
  • Richard Branson – Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile and other Virgin brands
  • Dave Thomas – Wendy’s
  • David Green – Hobby Lobby

The people on this list never completed college. In fact, some never attended college at all. A few never finished high school. That shows you that the most important quality you posses is desire and the will to succeed. Oh, and a little money inherited never hurts.

Your Online franchise

You have the opportunity to create your own franchise around online marketing. You may be starting out with nothing but it will cost next to nothing to establish your very own franchise. Here is how I’d like to frame it:

This franchise belongs to (Your Website Here) You call the shots and are completely free to run it as you please. Having this kind of control of your franchise and your future, certain preferable conditions must exist such as:

  • Affordable entry point with low monthly commitment
  • An all inclusive (one stop shop)
  • All the relevant training you could ever want or need
  • No employees
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Residual income that even McDonald’s can’t offer
  • You have total control of your work schedule
  • You are free to scale it up or down as you desire

I want you to see Wealthy Affiliate as a franchise.

I chose to use the most expensive franchise that I know of to contrast it with the the most inexpensive and exciting online franchise that I know of. The sheer beauty is that you don’t need to know anything. In fact! We assume that you know nothing. Some may wonder if this is real. I assure you, it is. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

The cost is so low I’m almost embarrassed to mention it, especially when you consider what the upside potential is.

If you’re in the older group of individuals or may have a disability and can’t find sufficient work, this should be of special interest to you. There is no age requirement or physical limitation as long as you’re an adult.

Everything you need to know you will be taught. The one thing you must bring is commitment to success. If you believe you can learn it and then earn it, you have a membership of over 100,000 that agree with you and will assist you all the way. This prepares you not only for success, but it prepares you to pass it on. Quite frankly, I don’t know if McDonald franchisees even know each other.

The Upside Future

Finally let me talk about probably the most important concept of all that most businesses don’t offer that is possible in online marketing: – MSI (multiple sources of income). Once you learn how to correctly do online marketing, you can bolster your success with multiple sources of income which guarantees that the money continues to flow. You couple MSI with Residual Income, you have a “can’t miss” to ensure your future.

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Does Your Job Raise Your Blood Pressure

The workplaces we operate in today are fast paced, competitive, and stressful. It’s becoming more difficult to dis-engage from the work environment and totally relax. I remember having to put on my work face every Monday morning just to get into character for the week. That’s uncomfortable and energy draining.


It is often said that when you love your job, you don’t work a day in your life. Unfortunately, only a few of us get to do the job we love. The rest of us, if we’re working we’re not in love, but happy to be employed. The fact is, some of us have an entrepreneur mentality meaning, we can only be truly happy when we’re working for ourselves and in total control of our lives.

Medical statistics show that most heart attacks occur on Monday morning about 9am. Why is this, we’ll consider some answers


Stress – The most underrated menace to workers is the stressful conditions workers have to survive  It effects people in ways we have yet to fully understand. It is acknowledged however that it makes people ill and causes and contributes to all manner of disease. Ironically, we don’t associate heart attacks with stress until it happens. Also there is not sufficient out there on stress and it’s effects.


Low Pay – Workers are asked to be more efficient (do more with less), with little or no prospect for more pay. Employers recognize that squeezing workers has become a profitable trend and the employee is grateful to be working no matter how bad the conditions. For many this situation is overwhelming.

Competition from foreign labor markets – The late 1990s saw a trickle trend become an avalanche of job movement to cheaper markets. Markets where standards like job safety, child labor, wages and anything we use to take for granted were non existent in other countries. As a result industry after industry left America for any place where labor was cheaper.


Automation – Automation in factories has aided in changing the landscape. More and better robotics has led to less and less personnel to perform routine tasks. Tasks that used to be performed by workers. There is no reason to believe that automation will not continue and become even more technically innovative. This means the employee of the future will need new skills or enhanced old ones.


Service Industry Collapse – It seems like overnight the entire service industry moved to India. Anyone calling for any assistance reached someone on the other end who was from another country.


Medical Coverage – Workers with medical insurance are fortunate because they know others that work only part time have no coverage for them or their families. The emerging trend is to hire as many part time employees as possible to avoid having to cover them with insurance.


Depressed Job Market – It’s no secret how difficult it is to find work, especially good paying jobs with benefits. This locks every employed person in place and provides very little hope to anyone trying to escape this situation. I’ve met college graduates making at or just above minimum wage.

Workforce Flexibility – Now that forty percent or more of the workforce is part time, a new term has entered the lexicon – workforce flexibility. This means you can be called any time you are required. It also means that you no longer have a fixed schedule. You’re essentially on call. I can remember getting paid in the seventies to be on call. Employers get it for free.


The Military Option – Many coming out of high school see no real opportunity for employment and subsequently opt to go to the military, because at least it’s a job. Many however, come out and find the job market even tighter than when they went in.


Saving Money No Longer An option – With wages being essentially flat saving money is near impossible. Even with a good paying job with benefits the estimate is that a maximum of 90 days is all the average family has saved up if any. Many live from one paycheck to the next with little left over.


What’s The Solution – There is one segment of the economy that is exploding, the internet. In fact recent reports put the number of people online at 4.3 billion. All segments of the economy have jumped in because of the massive participation. E-commerce figures rise steadily every year.

Fortunately for entrepreneurially oriented individuals, there are great options for developing multiple sources of income as well as residual income. The entrepreneur has certain attributes and mindset that separates him or her from others. This insight enables him or her to see where this is headed and seems to be tailor made for starting and growing a business. Entrepreneurs are a special breed with a unique way of looking at the world. These are some typical qualities of an entrepreneur:

The person knows what he or she wants

  • They are a  self starter
  • They exhibit patience
  • They are willing to learn
  • They remain focused on the objective
  • They ignore negative people and negative thoughts
  • Every day they are grateful for another swipe at it.

Options – The most popular options for “workers-turn-entrepreneurs” today is online marketing programs. These marketing programs come in many configurations, structures, and features. Some programs are very good and some are mediocre. The measure of a top tier program would include the following:

  • A complete program consisting of:
  • training
  • the appropriate infrastructure (network, redundancy, back-up and recovery)
  • 24/7 support
  • forums
  • webinars
  • videos
  • real world examples

My Final Conclusion

In my opinion there is one program that stands at the very top of the best of the best. It has created more six figure online marketers than all the rest. That program is Wealthy

This program is free to try which removes any barriers to anyone checking it out.

I would very much have your comments.